Make Money Online with Amazon Affiliate Program

Started years back just as a book selling e commerce initiative, Amazon and its services are ruling the internet today. If we look back into the older days of 96’ when Amazon was just a small brand running for its survival from Jeff’s garage. In those times the marketing budget was not much to cater the needs, so Amazon rather came up with an innovative idea of affiliate marketing. It is a basic method of marketing, in which people earn commission when they refer anyone to buy via This seemed a pretty cool and effortless way of pocket size earning to people, and in return Amazon got its mass marketing done very easily.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

Today, Amazon truly stands as the biggest online marketplace. The amazon affiliate program is a simple way of earning some good profit. People have gained even 15% of sale amount via this program, which is in fact not a small amount at all.

Entering to the amazon affiliate program is also not a tough job, you just need to be aware of your location and target market and sign-up for the program on their respective domain for eg. etc.,

The next step is to create affiliate links or banners, which you will be placing on your website or blogs. Best option is to select the category according to your current website audience’s niche. For eg. If you host a gadget blog, then you might like to collect products from the tech category and create a page or referral link for the same. Then just paste it wherever you feel like on your website.

The most common effective way to make people click on your affiliate links is by placing your affiliate links as hyperlinks amidst a blog post on your site. One more way is to create some listicle website properly aiming to showcase sponsored content, which is in fact your own affiliate links. Now, the art lies in curating an efficient blog post such that people get influenced and feel like clicking that link. But the main game lies in whether a person buys that product or not. No purchase, then no income. So, you should be able to convince your audience in such a way that they are more likely to buy it rather than just scrolling it away.

If you don’t feel comfortable in writing long blog posts and embedding amazon affiliate program links into it, but still want profit out of it. Then there are two more ways. Either creates an attractive banner of a particular product category that you have created affiliate purchase link for and place that banner in a eye-catching location on your website.

However the sign-up process and getting some starter earning is quite easy, but to sustain the process is another chapter. You need to be consistent in your linking process if you need to grow the income constantly. Keep the website where you are posting affiliate links in good health and SEO friendly, so that more and more users hit the page and eventually persuade towards making a purchase. Moreover, you can also start email marketing to increase your earning via amazon affiliate program.

I hope you get basic idea about amazon affiliate program and more details I will share on upcoming posts.

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