How to Make Money Online from Blogging

It is not easy to earn money from blogging, if you are looking to earn money easily from blogging than blogging is not for you. To be successful blogger you need to have patience, dedication, hard work and most important quality of posts. In this post we will discuss about how to make money online from blogging.

How to Make Money Online From Blogging

How to make money online from blogging ?

Today we will discuss one by one how to make money online

Google Adsense

Google adsense is one of the prominent way to make money from blogging. Most of the blogger initially prefer google adsense for blog monetization.

Once you have enough traffic than you can earn more from affiliate marketing or CPA marketing but for newbie blogger it is necessary to start with google adsense only. Google adsense gives you secure regular income and once you are pro blogger than you can search for other source of income.

Write Paid Articles for Others

If you are good writer than you can earn money online as freelance writer and in freelance writing you don’t have headache to maintain blog.

You need to create one page (Website or Social Media) where you can write about service you provide and you need to write some good quality posts. If they like your writing skill then definitely they will approach you for your service. Initially you don’t need to charge high amount instead you can charge fair amount of 8-12 dollar per article.

Once you have sufficient number of clients then you can increase your fees, it all depends on your time and connection you built.

Affiliate Advertisement

Affiliate advertisement means it is one product link, when someone click on the link and buy product from that link and you will get commission for sell. It is one of the best source of income for blogger. All you have to do is find out right niche of affiliate program. For example., if your niche are blogging than you can select blogging and web hosting affiliate program. You can choose Hostgator, Bluehost or Namecheap web hosting affiliate program, you can offer free wordpress blog setup if some one purchase from your affiliate link.

Product Reviews

You can earn money from Product Reviews too. You have to check product cons and pro before writing review of it and if your vision for blog is big than don’t write fake reviews because it will make negative impact of your blog on reader’s mind.

Reviewer should write both pros and cons both in balanced manner so visitor can get genuine report about product and according your review they will decide about purchase.

You can use product affiliate link, and if someone buy product from link than you will get commission or you can write paid review of product where you have to write unbiased review.

Blogger can register themselves for review of product on sites given here: sponsoredreview, payperpost and linkfromblog.

Create eBook & Sell it

Blogger can earn money from topic they are expert in. You can write book about expertise topics and you can transfer copyright to publishing agencies. Written book can be sold for longer period of time and it will generate income during those period.

If you have written posts on particular categories then you can convert it into e book and you can sell it on you blog or on kindle platform and this way you can generate regular income.


If you are technically expertise then you can write one page about expertise on you blog/website. For example., Content Writing Service, Free WordPress Blog Setup, Logo Creation. Slowly implement one by one and you will come to know which one is better working for you.

You can share your story how you are earning money from your blog.

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