How to Increase Website Traffic

We created website or blog but we are not getting enough traffic what to do now ? Most of the newbie blogger asks such question and it is very natural they are doubtful because of beginning of blog. When blogger are writing good posts, doing hard work and when they are not getting traffic on their blog, definitely it is worrisome for them. That’s why it is necessary to do some smart work along with hard work. In this post we will discuss about how to increase website traffic so you can grow traffic to your blog.

How to increase website traffic

Best way to increase website traffic

In order to maintain website or blog you need hard work, patience and smart work. To gain traffic on blog is slow process and you have to post it regularly to be successful. Many blogger give up and stop working on blog. It is main reason for failure. You don’t have to give up at any cost. Today I will share some of the tips which you can try in you blog or website.

Post Content

The best way to increase traffic of your blog is to write quality posts. You have to write posts keeping in mind SEO and your blog visitors both. All you have to remember is don’t compromise on quality of your posts.


All of your content should be SEO Friendly and you have to promote it well on various social medial platforms.

Twitter is nice Social Medial platform from where you can drive traffic to you blog or website. Blogger should update their profile picture, bio and website link on twitter. Traffic depends on how much you are actively tweeting on twitter platform. Any good source of information on twitter; you should retweet it and when you sharing your website link in twitter make sure use good quality images which will be helpful to bring good traffic to your blog.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platform. If you are using Facebook smartly then you can drive good traffic to your website. You have to create one page of your blog in Facebook and you have to engage with you user on Facebook and revert your visitors query and it will boost your website traffic.

Youtube is also big platform to promote where you can upload video about guidance and information of your niche and you will get good number of viewers in youtube. It will build loyal visitor base for you.


You must be reading posts related to your niche and all you have to do is comment on such posts. By commenting you are building brand of your blog and building relationship with blogger and it will create back link for your blog. It is continuous process and you should not skip this process. Slowly you start commenting on other’s posts and it will increase traffic to your website.

Guest Posting

Guest post is best way to increase traffic to your blog or website. You have to find best blogger of your niche and if they allow you can write guest post on their blog. By guest posting you can gain thousands of visitors to your blog and it is one of the most effective way to increase traffic to your blog. By guest posting you will get back link and blog expert and visitors start recognizing you.

You can write guest post for setupbuzz and you can read how to write guest post in setupbuzz from the link mentioned below.

You can write how you are gaining traffic to your blog and if i missed any point in this topic than you can comment down below.

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  1. Thank you, It is very useful as all your posts ? I am using this approach on a project for a year now, but without the ads and paid traffic, and the traffic seems to always drop after it raise. I use social media, bookmarking, blog commenting, tried but failed guest blogging etc.. Do you have any idea what should I do about the constant drop?

  2. very useful post for me.

  3. Very niche information… keep it up

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