How to Increase Adsense CPC in 2018

We can simply define a CPC as a cost per click. It is a term commonly used to determine the amount advertisers will pay per every click of their ads. This applies mostly to the bloggers whose primary revenue sources come from Google Adsense. The bloggers will have to optimize their CPCs so that they can increase their earnings and get more of their traffic to click on the ads.

The term CPC is also related to CTR but then it will be more advisable if a blog publisher will concentrate on the CPC. There are some simple methods to Increase Adsense CPC so that you maximize your revenue for every click of the ads. Let us look at a few of these methods.

How to Increase Adsense CPC

How to Increase Adsense CPC

Take Note of Your Niche

A proper topic is very important when it comes to maximizing your cost per clicks. Some certain topics will help you gather more revenue when they are clicked while others will just give you a blunt income. When starting a blog or a website make sure you familiarize with the most paying topics otherwise you will end up complaining on the low CPCs you will receive. Topics which have higher CPCs will include real estate, banking, health, technology & gadgets and also automobiles. Topics like dating and love will only give you a less price.

Work On Proper Audience Content

One thing people mostly forget is the target audience of your website/blog. The main aim of any website content will be to create traffic and get more people to visit your site. What should you include in your content? Such questions should occupy your mind so that you can come up with eye-catching content which properly elaborates on the niche you are dealing with and answers the readers’ questions. Proper content will ensure more traffic and hence more clicks which is exactly what you want to increase your adsense revenue.

Work On an All Platform Friendly Site

You have your topic and your content already but then what next? How will people view this content that you have posted on your blog/website? Does your content only display properly on desktops? When you want to catch more traffic these are the questions you should answer. Platforms include laptops, desktops and mobile phones and you should work on addressing all of them.

Your main concentration however should be on mobile phones. The reason behind this is that many people are equipped with mobile phones and it will be easy to click an ad on a mobile phone more than a desktop. This way you can increase your AdSense CPC.

Take Note of the Location/Geography of the Target Audience

Just like GDPs and GNPs, the CPC will vary between countries. While some countries will give you more CPCs, other countries will just give you low CPCs hence lowering your revenue from the ads. The most paying countries are those which English is their native language, for example, USA and Canada.

Cost Per every click in English speaking countries will give you up to $3 which is a very fair trade if you follow proper guidelines and create audience captivating content. Countries, where English is a secondary language will have a very low CPC which may go to as low as $0.20. Another importance of proper country target is the page rank in the search engines.


Using these methods to increase Google AdSense CPC will ensure your website/blog gains good CPCs. By this way it will increase your revenue earnings which is the aim of every blogger. The mentioned simple methods are just a few of the many methods used to boost the AdSense CPC but these methods will act as the backbone to increase adsense revenue.

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