How to Find High Paying Google AdSense Keywords in 2018

Blogging and website publishing becoming a wonderful trend in this 21st century. Since discovery of internet, search engines have been advancing on a regular basis and now we have the Google AdSense which is responsible for recurring income from blog Hence Finding a good High Paying Google AdSense Keywords has really been the target of many bloggers.

However, right now it is not really all about how many clicks you get for your ads but the amount being paid by companies to advertise. It is very natural to capture the High Paying Google AdSense Keywords also learn how to avoid CPCs which have low revenue.

High Paying Google AdSense Keywords

How Does It Work For High Paying Google AdSense Keywords

It is very simple. When your website gathers 60 clicks from their ads then the pay will vary according to the topics. While high paying niches like insurance and gadgets will give you an average of $3 per click other low paying companies will give as less CPC as 5 cents. So when you calculate your total earnings from 60 clicks then an insurance will give you a total of $180 while the other company gives you only $2. It is not really a good pay for your hard work is it?

Examples of High Paying Google AdSense Keywords

Some of the high paying Google AdSense keywords will include insurance, loans, lawyers, attorney, treatment and degree. These are just a few of the many keywords which can give you tangible revenue from your website work. There is also another class which is known as the bonus class of high paying keywords. They will include software, trading, claim, transfer and rehab. Why are they referred to as high paying Google AdSense keywords? It is because for every click their average pay will be between $3 to $60.

Why The High Rates From Few Companies?

The reason behind the high pay is that these listed companies will be willing to pay more for one client than any other companies. The kind of business the company deals with will determine how much money they will pay to acquire one customer and that is why insurance has a very high rate reaching almost $60.

So, when you want to garner more revenue you simply must choose a high paying niche from the bunch and then write content taking note of SEO. Once you rise up the ranks of Google search engine then getting traffic becomes a simple task for you. The more your traffic, then the more people will click on your ads and topic has a high CPC then your earnings are boosted.

Finding High Paying Google AdSense Keywords

Apart from the mentioned niches above, there is a whole new way of finding better paying keywords. Maybe the highest paying Google AdSense keywords already have famous website on their tail and you want to catch the next new expensive keyword and write about it and boost your earnings. Well, the SEMrush tool is the new big deal.

Using this tool you will not only be able to find a well-paying CPC but you will also get statistics on the results and search volume of the keywords involved. The only two things required to be able to use the SEMrush tool is registering yourself with the tool (create an account) and then the next step will be to come up with blogs which are of the same niche.


Getting a high paying Google AdSense keyword is not a very daunting task, but it will require you to put some effort and have patience. If you already have a blog/website then SEMrush will be of help so that you can get the best paying keywords. However, if you are starting a blog then, a through research on the best paying topic which matches your ability is of essence.

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