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In today’s scenario, backlinks are as important to your website as is the content. Why? because the usefulness of any site’s content is primarily judged by the number of visitors it gets. There isn’t any use of creating a website with high-end content but with very low public reach. Which is why, creating appropriate backlinks for website is truly vital for the site to rank decently on any major search engine.

Backlink Watch

What is Backlink exactly?

When anyone puts a link on their webpage which is pointing to your domain in some reference, then your site is said to be backlinked by that webpage.

Why go for Backlinks?

If you want your web portal to earn a well to-do place on any search engine’s list, then backlinking is the key i.e. to increase the traffic of your website you need to backlink it to some really good places. So, for easing out this hectic process of link building, an effective and prevalent tool is available viz. Backlink watch.

How does backlink watch help?

Most of the times checking out on your competitors turns out to be a good marketing move, so does this tool for you. Backlink watch helps you to find out the websites and blogs used by your direct competitor. Once you get the exclusive details about your adversaries backlinks, including their url, anchor text, link status and number of OBL’s on that page; you can wisely use this information for your website’s benefits.

Prime features of Backlink watch

Backlink watch is the tool which has gained unparalleled public outreach in much less time. Checking on such a growth, we have found out some really quirky features of the backlink watch. High speed connectivity comes on the top of the list. Backlink watch is a speedy tool and can list up to 1000 of backlinks at once. The second best part that has been a major contributor in its popularity is the tool completely free to use!

Well now, who would like to miss on a free tool that has the potential of getting your website on a higher rank on any/all search engines. This online resource can let you deal with real information of any URL you enter into it within seconds.

Now you would be wondering that this resource might need a technical mind to be operated by. But, that is absolutely not the case. Backlink watch doesn’t need any learning curve for utilizing its benefits. You just need to enter the desired URL in its search box and wait for a minute for its data algorithm to manage itself. And then you get to know all about the anchor text and page rank of the pages this URL was linked to.

The unique feature that sets backlink watch apart from the other online tools is its accuracy. It even tells you about the outbound links on any webpage. Additionally, it shows a nofollow or defollow flag for every inbound link available.

This backlink checker is really handy for the people who want to do a quick run on their competitors and grow their platforms higher.  Backlink watch is absolutely free and comprehensive online tool. It provides a fast paced way for SEO analysts and marketers (whether beginner or pro) to analyze the strength of any URL.

Having said that, you should be totally at ease by now for any doubt regarding skill level needed to use backlink watch. Even if you have a lean idea about backlinks and are exploring the world of search engine optimization, it is no harm to give backlink watch a shot. You may end up loving the tool.

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