5 Quick Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue in 2018

As a blogger, you will be looking at every opportunity to make profit. It is natural for an online entrepreneur to look for ways to increase their earnings through google adsense. It is however true that there is no magic potion to make money from adsense. But there are some easy methods and strategies that you can apply.

If you are looking on tips to increase adsense revenue, then here are some simple tips and strategies that can help to improve your earnings from adsense.

Increase Adsense Revenue

Factors that influence Adsense Revenue

There are three main factors that have a huge influence on adsense earnings, namely, the CTR (Click Through Rate), CPC (Cost Per Click) and the traffic to your website. There are also other factors that can influence like ad placement, type of the ad, source of traffic, etc. Now we will look at the factors that can easily be changed to make the adsense more profitable to you. Remember that all these strategies are aimed at improving the three main factors mentioned above so as to Increase adsense revenue.

  • Placement and size:

A very common and a crucial factor that helps in improving the CTR is the size of the ad and where it is placed. When you are placing your adsense ads, either place them above the fold (they do really well!) or around your content, in line with the design of your website. You can also include link based ads which can prove quite efficient when placed right. Knowing the adsense size and working along its measurement for your adsense site will also help.

  • Traffic from organic sources:

When someone search keyword, lets say adsense revenue in search engine and they ended up to your site those traffics called traffic from organic sourices. If you can generate traffic from countries such as UK and USA, then you can get good CPC.

  • Section targeting:

As a contextual network, Adsense takes your page content for reference from header to footer. Hence you need to make sure that the ads displayed through adsense is relevant and in line with the context of the page. With section targeting, you can add a simple two line code before and after the content, to ensure that the ad gets targeted correctly.

  • In between posts:

When you want to improve your adsense earnings, you can look at placing link based or image ads in between your posts, aligning with the color and background of your website and the content of the article. You also need to make sure that the space between the ad and the content is enough so as not to violate any policies of adsense.

  • Partner with YouTube

Are you uploading videos on YouTube to promote your brand? Then you can copyright the same and use them to promote the content on your site as well. The YouTube publisher program will help you build on this strategy and you can see a considerable increase in your adsense earnings. However the only dependency is that this strategy is dependent on the traffic you receive on your YouTube video.

Apart from the above mentioned there are also placement targeting, using image ads, category blocking, Adsense for search and other options that can easily build up the revenue on your adsense.

We hope that we have covered tips to increase adsense revenue, to a certain extent and we hope that you try one or more of these strategies and gain from it.

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