3 Best Online Grammar Checker Tools For 2018

One of the major hindrances to perfect writing is the grammatical errors. For most people who begin writing, there is always a sort of apprehension when it comes to writing in English especially if such an individual is not a native English speaker. However, as far as writing is concerned, people are usually just interested in you having a basic knowledge of the matter that is sufficient enough to pass across the relevant message and to write grammar friendly in blog, Blogger needs Online Grammar Checker Tools. As a blogger, what you should be interested in is to pass across information that the reader should be able to draw meaningful value from.

The summary of all that has been aforementioned is that you should understand the basics as well as advanced level knowledge of English language; you should know how to pass across information to your audience in such a way that they can easily comprehend it and not get confused. The purpose of this article is to present to you a few online grammar checking and punctuation tools that could help make this work a lot easier for you; especially as regards fixing whatever English errors that may hitherto cause any form of embarrassment.

Online Grammer Checker Tools

Best Online Grammar Checker Tools


Grammarly is a very useful online grammar checking tool and it is perhaps one of the best around. It is one online grammar check tool that offers users the opportunity to eliminate errors ranging from spelling to grammatical and structural. The moment you write something on it and it is able to check errors up to about four hundred grammatical rules. You are also able to determine the type of writing such as review and essay in the options category. Grammarly can be easily integrated using Mozilla Firefox and Safari through their extensions. What Grammarly does is to scan the text and identify the errors for the user. It is also useful in finding synonyms to a word by simply double-clicking on the word and the app suggests a word synonymous with the desired word. Finally, it is also able to check for plagiarism. There are a number of packages for monthly, quarterly and yearly.


This article can never be complete without making mention of this app. This is a premium tool which is able to analyses texts for errors and it usually comes with a number of templates so as to be able to improve the readability of the content. Just as it is with Grammarly, WhiteSmoke also carries out grammar, style, and spelling and punctuation error detection. This is one online grammar check tool that serves a wide range of purposes. It comes installable on Android and iOS mobile devices.

Ginger online grammar checker

This is another great online grammar checking tool which does a great job of improving your overall English skills. It is available as freeware and paid as well. There are a number of features one can find in this software one of which is the translation tool which enables you to be able to translate texts to a number of languages. It also comes with a unique Rephraser tool which helps you get the same meaning for a sentence in different words. It is compatible with your mobile devices as well as your PC.

In conclusion, every writer needs an online grammar check tool regardless of his or her level of expertise as this may be the difference between an award-winning write-up and a mediocre waste paper article. Choosing the one that suits you well and be your first step to becoming a flawless writer.

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  1. Thanks for this information. Being a blogger I use Grammarly. it helps me a lot in writing. I came to know new tools via this post.

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